Guitar Trios
Listen to York Guitar Quartet performing on their album On The Overgrown Path.
Mango Walk - Jamaica Rumba here performed by Magnificat - with fine drumming!
Also by
RIMEA Senior All-State Guitar Ensemble at 1’30 from the video start.
Grades: 2-3
The Lass of Glenshee (or the Road to Dundee)
Parts: gtr1, gtr2, gtr3 - Grades: 3,2,4
El Jaleo de Xeres (or La Gitana)
This is not the common version of this jaleo - if anyone can give me more information on it, I would be very grateful.
Parts: gtr1, gtr2, gtr3 - Grades: 5,4,2
Bach, J.S.
Prelude No. 9 - (from the 48 Preludes & Fugues)
Parts: gtr1, gtr2, gtr3 - Grades: 7,5,5
Siciliana - (from the flute sonata in Eb major BWV1031) - performed here by DuJu and guest.
Parts: gtr1, gtr2, gtr3, (+bass) - Grades: 5,4,2,(3)
Bartók, B.
Three Slovakian Tunes (from For Children)
The Highway Robber, Sorrow and Teasing Song.
Grades 1-2
Beethoven, L. van
Bagatelle No. 11 Op. 119
Grades 5,2,2
Bagatelle No. 5 Op. 126
Grades 4-6
Brackett, J. Jr
Simple Gifts - a traditional American Shaker dance tune that appears in several versions. The most common recent one is that used by Sidney Carter in his popular song 'Lord of the Dance'.
Grades: 1-2
Brahms, J.
Walzer No. 15 Op. 39 - the famous lullaby.
Grades: 4,5,3
Brescianello, G.A.
Trio Sonata
Arranged for guitar trio from the trio for violin, oboe and bass continuo
Grades: 7,7,6
Concertino No. 1 - originally in Eb major for 2 violins and continuo
Grades: 7,5,3
Corelli, A.
Sonata da Chiesa Opus 1 No. 8
Grades: 4,3,2
Sonata da Camera Opus 2 No. 1
Grades: 3,2,2
Couperin, F.
Les Barricades Mystérieuses
Arranged for guitar trio from the harpsichord original.
Grades: 5,3,2
Les Moissoneurs (The Reapers)
Arranged for guitar trio from the harpsichord original.
Grades: 5,3,2
Delibes, L.
The Flower Duet - (Sous le dôme épais) from Lakmé performed here by Gitaarsalon Roadshow - a delightful performance by Gitaarsalon Roadshow
Grades: 5,4,3
Diaz Giles, F.
Soy de Aragón - from the Zarzuela ‘El Divo’.
Grades: 5,4,3
Forrest, A.
Ainsty Suite
The Ainsty was an ancient kingdom on the Plain of York, England. This suite of 6 short pieces has been written for the beginner ensemble in mind - typically for players with between 1 month and 1 year's experience. Since most beginners are uneasy at the sight of all those ledger lines on bass notes, I have endeavoured to make these parts simple so that they can be played almost straight away, having learned just 3 or 4 notes. The pieces are: StuttonStomp, Bishopthorpe March, Boating on the Wharf, Tadcaster Dance, Copmanthorpe Air and Appleton Greens. The last two are nicely played by the Virtual Guitar Orchestra (with an interesting extra in the last one!).
Grade: 1
Tadcaster Dance
Based on Basie - a recording by York Guitar Quartet from the mists of time!
A lively and varied jazz blues.
Grades: 4-5 (a bass guitar part has been included).
Bluetown Brays - Another bit of fun!
Listen to RIMEA Junior All-State Guitar Ensemble in a fine performance - and also by ICG Galilei Corsico, Italy
Grades: 2-3
Chocalypso - Just a little bit of fun!
Grades: 3-5
The Conga has a repeating Latin rhythm in the bass (carrying the memory of the chained slave-gangs in the Caribbean who originated the rhythm of the conga). Listen to a version by Guitarregro.
Grades: 2-3
Green Donkey
An exciting, melodious piece with interesting effects and rhythms. (Also available for guitar orchestra).
Grade: 4
Joropó - (Recorded by York Guitar Quartet here - though this is the quartet version)
A trio in a vibrant Latin rhythm and great fun to play. As suggested by Ignacio Ornés of Venezuela, I have just increased the tempo of this Joropó.
Grades: 2-4
Three's Company
Swansea Town, Beijing Street, Askham, Ukraine Dance, Dashing Away, Skye Boat Song
Skye Boat Song by RIMEA Junior All-State Guitar Ensemble at 0’24 from the video start.
Beijing Street and Ukraine Dance superbly played by 5 young guitarists from somewhere!

This is a set of six trios for players of standards between grades 1 and 3 (as per The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London or Trinity Guildhall, London). Whilst all are of modest difficulty, they all highlight different problems of ensemble playing, be it the handling of polyphony, playing off-beat rhythms, or blending tonally and dynamically. But first and foremost, they are fun to play.
Beijing Street
Ukraine Dance
Skye Boat Song
Five Trios
Roxburgh Castle; O, Britches Full of Stitches; The Prisoner of Freedom; The Ballad of Jesse James; Strawberry Fair
Grades: 1-4
Roxburgh Castle
Jesse James
arr. Forrest, A.
An enjoyable arrangement of four well-known American traditional songs.
Grades: 2-3
The British Grenadiers
An English air.
Grades: 0-1
La Cucaracha
A traditional, lively Spanish piece.
Grades: 4
Cuatro Jotas Aragonesas
Jota de Teruel, La Mora o de Aben-Jot, Jota Mediana, Jota de Mainar.
Four dances from Aragón in Spain
Grades: 3-5
Jota de Teruel
La Mora
Tres Jotas Aragonesas
Cuando Me Voy a Labrar (Jota Zaragozana), Ha Salido La Fiera, Que La Fiera Murió.
Three dances from Aragón in Spain
Grades: 3-5
Ha Salido
La Fiera
European Folk Songs
At Cock Crow(Italy); Da Bi Imal Perje(Yugoslavia); The Blackbird (Basque folk song - here played by IISS P. Calamandrei); La Mort du Roi Renaud (Normandy); Pala Magla (Yugoslavia); Jeg lagde mig så silde (Norway); Bonnie Dundee (Scotland).
Grades: 2-3
Three of these pieces - Da Bi Imal Perje, The Blackbird, Jeg lagde mig så silde and Bonnie Dundee are simple settings of traditional songs while the others have been more fully developed with changes of mood and texture.
Cock Crow
Da Bi Imal Perje
Roi Renaud
Pala Magla
Hrály Dudy
A popular traditional Czech song.
Grades: 1-2
Keppel's Delight
An English jig from around the year 1770.
Grades: 1-2
The Lincolnshire Poacher
A rousing rendition (with stalking and gunshots!) of this well-known English song.
Listen to RIMEA Junior All-State Guitar Ensemble in an exhilarating and rhythmic performance.
Grades: 2-3
Ten Carols
O, little town of Bethlehem; Silent night; The first Noel; The Sussex carol; While shepherds watched their flocks; Hajej, Nynjej; Ding dong merrily on high; We wish you a merry Christmas; Hark, the herald angels sing; Wassail song.
(Little town of Bethlehem performed by Chrudim Music School Guitar Ensemble, Czech Republic. Teacher Eva Vítková)
Grades 1-3
Red River Valley Swing
A popular Canadian song.
Grades: 1-2
Three Pieces from the British Isles
The Cuckoo's Nest; The Lilting Fisherman; The Sheffield Hornpipe.
Grades: 1-3
Sheffield Hornpipe
Three Irish Trios
The Eavesdropper, Molly Malone (Cockles and Mussels); The Tenpenny Bit.
Listen to RIMEA Senior All-State Guitar Ensemble playing all three pieces very nicely.
Grades: 1-2
Cockles & Mussels
Handel, G.F.
Four Dances from Alcina
Gavotte, Sarabande, Menuet and Gavotte II
Grades: 2-4
Gavotte II
Menuet from the opera Berenice
Grades: 5,1,1
Henry VIII
Grades: 1-2
Mozart, L.
Jägerlied - Hunter's Song from Notenbuch für Wolfgang - performed beautifully by Las Vegas Academy Guitar Varsity 1 (Virtual Guitar Ensemble)
Waldhorn Stück; Menuet No.4; Polonaise; Schwaben Tanz
Grades: 4-5
Four Pieces for Nannerl & Wolfgang from the Notebooks of Leopold Mozart for his daughter and son.
Grades: 0-2
Mozart, W.A.
Divertimento No. 1 - (originally for 3 bassett horns)
Grades: 8,5,4
Divertimento No. 2 - (originally for 3 bassett horns)
Grades: 7,6,5
Nichelmann, C.
Five Little Pieces - Galliarde, La Tendre, Sarabande, Gigue, Sonata (Sammlung 1, No.5)
Grades: 6,5,4
La Tendre
Purcell, H.
Lilliburlero - performed here by the Marcus Loh Trio.
Grades: 1-3
Rimsky Korsakov, N.
Song of the Indian Guest - (Hindu Song)- from the opera Sadko.
Grades 5,4,2
Scarlatti, D.
Sonata K430 - from the keyboard sonata.
Grades 5,3,2
Schubert, F.
Entr'Acte No. 2 - from Rosamund
Grades: 5,5,6