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I am currently researching what different types of guitar ensembles there are worldwide. I will publish the results as they come in.

Please help me to add, modify or delete information on ensembles by contacting me with the name of the ensemble, how many instruments it typically uses and of what type.


Worldwide Guitar Ensemble (including URL if known)
2 rqt, 10 gtr, 1 bass  

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Key to instrument format: -

oct octave guitar in E(mi)
alt alto guitar in B(ti) - (5th above tenor)
rqt requinto in A(la) - (4th above tenor)
treble treble - as requinto in pitch but larger in scale and using 'terz' strings
gtr standard tenor guitar in E(mi)
bassB bass guitar in B(ti) - (Niibori - 4th below tenor)
BassA bass guitar in A(la) - (5th below tenor)
bass standard bass guitar in E(mi) - 1 octave below the tenor
contrabass same pitch as bass - scored in treble clef
e-gtr electric guitar
e-bass electric bass

Results of the Ensemble Survey