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Composer Title Code  
Albeniz, I. Cuba (Caprice Creole) listen
No.8 from Suite Española for 2 guitars.

Grade: 5

D0020 Download
  Cuba (Caprice Creole)
No.8 from Suite Española for requinto and guitar duet.

Grade: 5

D0021 Download
  Barcarola listen
No. 3 from Douze Pièces Caracteristiques for piano.

Grades: 6

D0022 Download
Anon. La Rossignol from the lute duet listen

Grades: 3

D0015 Download

Drewries Accordes from the lute duet.listen
This has been arranged with 3rd strings tuned to F sharp to give the same fingering and open string sustain as in the lute original.

Grades: 4-5

D0014 Download
Bach, J.S. Prelude No. 3
from 48 Preludes and Fugues for pianoforte.

Grades: 8,7

D0023 Download
  Prelude No. 11- book 2
from 48 Preludes and Fugues for pianoforte - original key F minor.

Grades: 8,6

D0012 Download
Bartók, B.

44 Duos Nos 1-22 - (originally for 2 violins) also available as a viola/guitar duet.

Grades 1-5

D0002 Download

44 Duos Nos 23-44 - (originally for 2 violins) also available as a viola/guitar duet.

Grades 5-9

D0003 Download
Byrd W. Earl of Salisbury - a Pavan for flute or melody instrument.
This piece formed part of the publication Parthenia, composed in memory of Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury.

Grades: 6

D0016 Download
Capirola, V. Padoana Veneziana - ( listen from an old radio recording!).
Arranged from the lute solo for two guitars.

Grades: 3-4

D0025 Download
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Couperin, F. Le Réveille-Matin (The Alarm Clock).
Arranged for guitar duet from the harpsichord original (in F).

Grades: 7,6

D0100 Download
  Les Papillons (The Butterflies).
Arranged for guitar duet from the harpsichord original.

Grades: 8,5

D0101 Download
  Les Petits Moulins (The Little Windmills).
Arranged for guitar duet from the harpsichord original.

Grades: 6,6

D0102 Download
  Les Bergeries - listen (The Sheep-folds or Pastorale).
Arranged for two guitars from the harpsichord original.

Grades: 6,6

D0103 Download
  Les Moissoneurs (The Reapers ).
Arranged for guitar duet from the harpsichord original.

Grades: 7,7

D0104 Download
  Les Tricoteuses (The Knitters).
Arranged for guitar duet from the harpsichord original.

Grades: 7,5

D0202 Download
  Le Dodo, ou l'amour au Berceau listen.
Arranged for guitar duet from the harpsichord original

Grades: 6,5

D0105 Download
  Les Barricades Mystérieuses.
Arranged for two guitars from the harpsichord original

Grades: 6,5

D0201 Download
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Dowland, J. A Lesson for Two Lutes listen
Arranged from the lute duet for two guitars.

Grade: 2-3

D0027 Download
  The Frog Galliard listen - from an old radio recording.
Also known as the air "Now, oh now I needs must part"

Grade: 6,6

D0026 Download
Falla, M. de Intermezzo

Grades: 1-2

D0029 Download
Fauré, G. Romance Sans Paroles Opus 17 No. 3 listen
A well known piano solo arranged for 2 classical guitars.

Grades: 6-7

D0030 Download
  Pièces Brèves Opus 84 No.5 - Improvisation listen

Grades: 6-7

D0031 Download
Fiocco, J. Allegro - arranged from the original for flute (or violin) and piano.

Grades: 6,6

D0099 Download
Forrest, A. The Gaelic Collection.
A Suite of Irish tunes for guitar duo - The Irish Washerwoman; Norah O'Nealelisten; The Mug of Brown Alelisten; Planxty Irwinlisten; Harvest Home; Miss McCloud's Reel.

Grades: 1-2

D0001 Download
  Five Simple Pieces.
Five simple but effective duets for beginner guitarists - Ski Jump Waltz listen; Rachel's Song listen; Coney Street Easy; Rocking listen; Last Waltz.

Grades: 1-2

D0005 Download
  Dmitri and the Heavy Fridge. listen
A duet for 2 bass guitars (or 2 tenor- or normal - guitars)

Grades: 4-5





Graded Sight Reading Duets
from Grade: 1 to 4

There is a score, which is probably easier to play from since each player can follow the other. Included are separate parts where each player has to rely more on an accurate sense of pulse and an understanding of the other player's interpretation.
The pieces are not so much about sight-reading as to develop the ability to play in ensemble; to listen and keep in time, follow dynamics and expression. I'd like very much any thoughts you have on these since I have not come across any similar exercise elsewhere.
D0011 Download
Jacquet de la Guerre, E.

Cannaris - from the original for keyboard.

Grades: 4-5

D0017 Download
Granados, E.

Vals Muy Lento (from Bocetos)

Grados: 6,5

D0301 Download
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Pergolesi G.B. Sonata listen

Grades: 7,3

D0040 Download
Robinson, T.

A Toy for Two Lutes

Grades: 3

D0028 Download
Ravel, M. Pavane de la Belle au bois dormant - from Ma Mère, L'Oye (Mother Goose Suite) listen

Grades: 3-5

D0024 Download
Satie, E.

Gnossienne No. 1 listen

Grade: 2

D0061 Download

Gnossienne No. 2

Grade: 5

D0062 Download
  Gnossienne No. 3 listen
A haunting melody arranged from the piano solo for guitar duet.

Grade: 2

D0063 Download
  Gymnopédie No. 1 listen

Grade: 3

D0064 Download
  Le Piccadilly
A lively 'ragtime' piece arranged for guitar duo.

Grade: 4-5

D0067 Download
  La Caresse listen

Grade: 4-5

D0068 Download
  Je te veux listen

Grade: 4

D0069 Download
Scarlatti, D.

Sonata L.428 originally for harpsichord.

Grades: 7,6

D0070 Download
Schumann, R. Melody Opus 68 - originally for piano.

Grades: 0-1

D0018 Download
  Little Piece Opus 68, No. 5 - originally for piano.

Grades: 0-1

D0019 Download
Shostakovich, D.

Sem' Tants Kukol - updated 2011/10/5
Lyrical Waltz, Gavotte, Romance, Polka, The Little Ballerina, Hurdy-Gurdylisten , Dance listen.

In 1944-45, Shostakovich wrote his Children's Notebook (opus 69), an album of easy piano pieces, for his daughter, Galya. This second album of children's piano pieces followed in 1952. These dances are derived from material from ballet suites that he wrote in 1949-50. They exist in both orchestral and piano versions. The melodies are lively and tuneful, though Shostakovich's sudden modulations into remote keys ensure that they never become banal.

This duet arrangement shares the melody and accompaniment between the two guitars where appropriate, especially in the last piece, Dance, where the parts become 'conversational', copying phrases from one another.

Grades: 7-8

D0080 Download

Three Preludes Opus 87
originally from a set of 24 preludes and fugues for piano.

Grades: 8

D0081 Download
Soler A.

Sonata No. 33 from the keyboard sonata.

Grades: 8,8

D0087 Download

Sonata No. 34 from the keyboard sonata.

Grades: 8,7

D0088 Download
Sor, F.

Cantabile; Theme and Variations; Valse

Grades: 7,7

D0090 Download
Vivaldi, A. Interlude by the Fireside - from L'Inverno de "Il Cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione" Opus 8 No. 4 of The Four Seasons.

Grades: 5,6

D0050 Download
Zulaica de Donostia, J.

Eresia - Canción Triste listen
- Preludios Vascos (No.4)

Grades: 6,5

D0304 Download
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